Giant Tomato Fight Coming to Fair Park

A friend used to pick tomatoes on her family farm back in her youthin' days. On occasion she'd grab a rotten one off the vine and feel the mealy goo explode between her fingers. Blah.

But perhaps you like the feel of over-ripe tomatoes squishing between your fingers. How about in your hair, armpits, ears, cleavage and crack?

If so, you'll be happy to know the Tomato Battle is coming to Fair Park on November 12. A play off La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain, this event involves a massive drunken tomato fight backed up with live music.

In case you're worried about a citywide Lcyopene deficiency that week, fear not: Tomato Battle organizers only gather product that is beyond its expiration date and no longer suitable for consumption. Funny thing is, this still makes people mad. The organizers constantly get harassed with hate mail for wasting food.

Check the Tomato Battle site for details. It's pricey at $60, but maybe when the set list comes out we'll all find it worthwhile.

Take note: "All tomato acceleration devices are banned." So leave that tomato gun at home.

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