Girl Drink Drunk: Japan House

See, I've started this whole "eating well and exercising" bullshit that's totally overrated because it's making me feel better, sleep better, lose jiggle...wait, what? Yeah, it's working and I'm totally pleased, so I guess it's not really BS, but I like the snark so whatever.

Only problem with my new life plan (which, if you're lucky, you'll see disintegrate before your very eyes as Girl Drink Drunk progresses this year. Or, if I'm lucky, I'll be so successful, I'll start writing about places that allow me to wear sleeveless and bedazzled tops and drink with my pinky out.), is that it doesn't allow much wiggle room for the ol' PMS pig-out.

Did I discover a way around that? Hell yes. Did it involve copious amounts of mid-level Japanese food and sake? Yes it did. Did I also find that if you drink a Ramune marble soda right after a bite of green tea ice cream it tastes like you ate a piece of chocolate. No, that was one of my dining companions. But it's true.

So last Saturday, I was preparing for our food outing, watching Beverly Hills, 90210 reruns and putting on make-up...like you do. I had made sure I had a calorie deficit on most days of that week to account for what I was about to do. Once our party amassed, we set out for the Collin Creek area. Destination, Japan House.

Now, I don't go to Japan House when I want awesome Japanese food. Having been partially raised on said cuisine, I have my spots that I frequent on birthdays (read: When other family members are buying) and special occasions. But when I need a fix and am strapped for cash, places with sushi conveyor belts sub in just fine. And when for $20 I can get hibachi, shabu shabu, sushi and whatever else I can think of, I'm down.

We were shown to our table, got our hot pot fixings and started simmering some squid when I noticed the drink menu. Sake? Yes, love it, thank you. Sake Cosmopolitan? Hmm, that's prolly gonna leave an impression. Must have, thank you. Now we can't just try one when there's Geisha Cooler just staring at us--in the face, hard. So, yes, please bring round one of those green devils as well.

Once we communicated which drinks we wanted (there was a bit lost in translation, but pointing worked just fine), we went for another trip around the buffet. I had my sushi set-up and a couple gyoza just for good measure. We returned and were presented with safely, the funnest (I realize that's not a real word but it's the best description) girl drinks I've ever seen. Screw Pop Rocks, the quest for the umbrella was finally complete.

Now, let me say that no one in my party wants to dive into a green drink, but dammit, this was research and the Geisha Cooler was our subject. We respectfully removed the umbrella and placed it aside to be briefly treasured. Jen said it was way to sweet for her. No surprise as a combo of Midori and pineapple juice is hell on the sugar levels. Jake concurred, as did I. But I will say the flavor was summery and nice. It just needed a good cutter. The Green Lantern (Midori, oj and Sprite) may have been less of a tooth-rotter.

The Sake Cosmo, however, was a bomb waiting to go off. It was tasty, not-too-sweet, and oh sweet jeezy, it was fucking strong--but on the sneak, a few sips in. If your average Collin Creek shopper were to trek over to Japan House and have two or three during girls' lunch, they'd be on the floor. Grey Goose, cold sake, Triple Sec and cranberry packs a significant punch, even with the pretty sugar on the rim. But, I kept after it...or, rather I tried. I'm familiar with my straight-sake limits, but with other mixin's well, I had to shut that Cosmo down about halfway. I think Jen finished it, so between us, we each drank half. She ended up begging for a cigarette and I just wanted to lie down. Jake, well he just laughed at us and got me to eat the rest of his dessert.

So, I say arigatou gozaimashita to Japan House for the adventure, but I'm pretty sure I'll not be mixing anything with my sake (unless we're talking sake bomb) for a while. Kampai, nonetheless.

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