Girl Drink Drunk: Pizza Hut Park

Last week, BFF Jen's birthday was nigh and her wish was to go to the FC Dallas season opener. Thus, a group of us converged upon Frisco's Pizza Hut Park. Based on past FC Dallas experiences, games meant not only sporting good times and learning to curse in Spanish, but also copious treats and alcoholic beverages (elotes, nachos, michelada (or chelada), pina colada, oh my!). This would allow me to do several things for Girl Drink Drunk research: show we're not confined to Dallas, hang out where it's OK to shout while drinking, and prove there are girl drinks to be had at a soccer game.

Except Pizza Hut Park got new concession peeps. The indie vendors with the roasted corn and the fruity, frozen concoctions were no where to be found on my trek around the park--though I did take a virgin Bloody Mary sample from the Clamato gals. And it was freakin' awesome. But then, ever since learning to mix drinks for my Grandaddy around the age of 3 ("...and Worcestershire to taste..."), I've loved Clamato.

But back to my point. I walked my tail off and found Sauza out the ass, Tecate, Smithwick's and Guinness carts, and then basic concession stands from Wing Street, Pizza Hut, Manny's Tex Mex (the best) and the park itself. There were others, I'm sure, but the signage looked the same and it started running together.

We couldn't even get micheladas at Manny's anymore. Depression began to set in. It was going to have to be a margarita. I'd had a yardly swirl at the AAC, so we were going rocks this time.

As we waited for our drinks, one of the servers approached us to flatter us and ask for ID. We discussed birthdays and the woman provided us with some unexpected wisdom: "You know, your thirties are when life changes, but your forties are when it really picks up." She winked and headed off. We carried our alien green liquid back to our seats to watch the half-time hootchies and dog shows and imbibe. And there were definitely mixed reviews of the Sauza "margarita."

"Oh my God! It's Sir Isaac Lime! You know, the Otter Pop!" -- Jen
"Why is it making my teeth hurt?" -- Jennifer Elaine, grimacing
"This is the worst thing ever. Wanna taste it?!" -- Yours truly
"That doesn't taste like tequila, more like tequila vomit." -- Justin (yeah, a guy who is man enough to be seen girl drink in hand)
"I'm pretty sure this is the margarita mix before they freeze it." -- Me
"I'm kinda OK with it." -- Cami
20 minutes later...
"The tequila is all right here in the middle. I really like it." -- Cami, smiling

I suppose it's fortunate that they hadn't run out of margaritas, since at different points in the night stands had been completely emptied of pretzels, churros, hot dogs, pizza (a bad thing when the opener promo tix offer a free personal pizza and soft drink), and cups. Massive concession FAIL. But Kenny Cooper made a beautiful goal 8 minutes in and though we didn't win, spent 45 minutes taking turns in the pizza line, and desperately missed our elotes, it was a pretty good time.

After all, there was a fireworks show, and according to the drink lady, birthdays are only going to get better.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.