Girl Drink Ka-Plunk!

After a season of birthdays (mine and others) and some vacation time, I've had my fill of shenanigans of late. But while dancing in glow-in-the-dark glasses and "birthday shots" have been relegated to the shadows for a while, I do have a brand spanking new Girl Drink Drunk to throw at you people. Just not today as our regularly scheduled programming would have had you believe.

I've have had some technical difficulties. Read: I am now a few years past 30 and threw my neck/back out in a freshly-showered way some will recognize if you're fans of the Fourth Season of Sex & the City. No, John Corbett did not come over to help me up, and no, I did not have a girl drink in hand when I bit the tile, but yes I would now like one...with a crazy straw that allows me to remain horizontal.

So tomorrow, people. Tomorrow you will have the latest in Girl Drink escapades: The Porch. Until then, I remain hopelessly devoted to you...as well as Advil and my chiropractor.

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Merritt Martin
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