Giveaway: Two Seats at Tonight's Weihenstephaner Beer Dinner at the Libertine

Tonight at 7 o'clock, the Libertine Bar offers a beer dinner featuring beers from Weihenstephaner, a Bavarian brewery -- the world's oldest, in fact. In that time, they've clearly mastered the brewing art. Their Korbinian is my personal favorite doppelbock, and the others to be featured ain't half bad either. Click here for the full menu.

As usual, the meal is $50 per person (though the excellent staff works their tails off, so tip generously -- they certainly pour generously). But you have a chance to win two seats.

Because it's the world's oldest brewery, leave in the comments a story about the oldest drinker you know. For instance, my grandpa drank Carlo Rossi every day until he died at 81. Even though he was nearly blind, he could spot a young lady with a big butt from 100 yards. Whenever he'd visit, he'd go out drinking with my brothers and me, and would get my middle brother to round up all his female friends and have a big-butt "contest." Incredibly, my brother's friends would go along with this and take turns sitting in the old man's lap. Maybe it was because he was so charming, regaling them with stories such as our favorite, about when he visited his hillbilly relatives and they tried to give him parting gifts of a giant slobbering dog and then a shit-flinging monkey. Anyway, girl after girl would sit in his lap, smiling the whole time and letting him forget for a few moments that he had just about every affliction known to man. He never said who the winners were. The only winner, of course, was him.

So tell us in the comments about your favorite old drinker for a chance to win. After you post it, send me an email letting me know which story was yours. You can share a tale even if you can't go, but be sure to let me know you can't make it. Contest closes at 5 p.m. I'll contact the winner shortly thereafter.

The winner is "dab," with her story about her Pe-Paw and his Hot Carlings.

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Jesse Hughey
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