Glazed Donut Works Made a Conan Donut

It's a busy week in Big D. In addition to Opening Day, there's the Big Texas Beer Festival, the Final Four and Big Red is in town too. That's Conan O'Brien, whose big hair wouldn't be a big deal if he were a permanent resident. But he's not, so it is.

Glazed Donuts in Deep Ellum is having a little fun with that big hair too. They've made a new concoction for Team Coco (the insider's term for Conan) that has a striking similarity.

The new doughnut is called "The Conan" and is made with "ghostly white chocolate icing with a shock of orange house made Grand Marnier marshmallow."

Turns out Team Conan discovered the Glazed late-night window recently and, after imbibing in a grilled cheese doughnut, ordered more custom pastries yesterday, which included the new Conan.

The store also made a doughnut for sidekick Andy, called the "Candied Richter," that's dark chocolate and bourbon candied bacon.


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