Going the Distance for Caipiroska

When I went to Rio, I became obsessed with drinking Caipirinhas. You can find them in Dallas almost anywhere they have cachaca on hand. But I found a new obsession in St. Kitts, which should be much easier to get, called the Caipiroska. The only difference between the two is that the Caipiroska is made with vodka instead of cachaca, which means - you guessed it - it should be easy to get anywhere.

Now, the caipirinha is generally made with limes. But my new love is based not on the pineapple instead - the pineapple caipiroska. I had my first one at a St. Kitts restaurant St. Kitts called Spice Mill. The place is right on the beach and the food is killer. So, the view and the menu might have had some effect on my new amor.

But I think the drink could woo me even at a more humble establishment, as long as fresh pineapple was on hand. And since sugar, ice, and a good muddler are the only other things you need, I have high hopes that I can find someone around these parts who can or will add them to their bar menu. I'll be first in line if they do.

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