Good 2 Go Taco Is Revving It Up for the Road

Good 2 Go Taco at The Green Spot market and gas station in White Rock has been providing inventive takes on the south-of-the-border sandwich for more than seven months. But that hasn't stopped owners Jeana Johnson and Colleen O'Hare from expanding their horizons. The pair is preparing to roll out a mobile companion to their successful venture.

Johnson said they were struck by the popularity of mobile food vendors elsewhere. "Even towns as small as Marfa have food vendors on wheels." She said that the Austin truck-and-trailer scene influenced the decision. "As part of R&D for our restaurant, we went down to Austin. We ate four to five times a day for four days straight out of food trailers. It was amazing." So, why not Dallas, right?

"It has been a long time coming to a progressive city like Dallas," Johnson added. The absence of trucks trading in things other than reheated pre-packaged dreck is as painful as the high probability of food poisoning from the consumption of said sustenance--if you can call it that!

Johnson wasn't able to give an exact street date. However, she did say the truck should be ready to shell out their unique eats between late May and early June. "I'm ready for a food-truck explosion!" As are we at City of Ate.

Until the Good 2 Go Taco truck hits Big D pavement, we're going to take comfort in the brick-and-mortar shop's varied offerings, such as the Loaded Spud (potato, cheese and bacon with tomato-guajillo hollandaise) and the Mung Fu (vegan fried rice with corn, carrot, scallions and mung beans)--palatable items primed for portability.

In the meantime, Johnson said she and O'Hare are planning to hold a party to celebrate their inclusion in an episode of "Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the Food Network. Details of the fiesta will be released as soon as an airdate is set.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.