Good Local's Greenspot Market Relocated

The Good Local Markets previously scheduled to be held at The Green Spot will be relocated to the Lakeside Baptist Church, 9150 Garland Road, likely through the end of the season. Founder Sarah Perry made the decision when recently announced construction projects for the parking lot that surrounds her site threatened to disrupt the market over several weekends.

Perry’s market has weathered other projects, including painting and construction on nearby stairwells, but when contractors began resurfacing the entire parking lot a little bit at a time, she decided the work was too obstructive.

While the lot may be resurfaced by the end of the month, Perry thinks she’ll keep the market at Lakeside through the end of the season, but the decision isn't final. “The church was gracious to let us be there for as long as it takes,” Perry said. That means a farmers market could be available for shopping at the church every Saturday until the end of the season, with a brief break on November 28, since most of us aren’t interested in shopping for food the few days after Thanksgiving.

There will also be a special market held on October 31 for Halloween this year. Kids will have another place to beg for candy under the watchful eyes of their parents, who will have access to extra pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables for fall pies. A pie contest will be held November 15, and other event details can be found on Good Local Market’s website.

Good Local Market’s season officially ends December 13, and Perry says she's eager to return to the Green Spot, where she held her very first farmers market, when she can. "It makes us sorry to not be in our home for the rest of the season," she said.

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