Good Riddance Lazare And Other Annoyances From Yesterday

OK, so we're a little steamed here.

First off, our blog system was acting up: running like, well, me on a football field (which is to say slow), cutting off sentences when we pounded the keyboard in frustration, dropping comments. But it's all better now.

Then the people at Lazare, who last week confirmed they planned to forge ahead with the same staff and tighter menu, announced plans to close up within two weeks for a complete "rebranding." Based upon the initial information, we went ahead with a review of the place--one detailing their troubles more than the food. So I spent the hour before absolute deadline on Tuesday hacking together a review of Bella.

Lazare has done this before, parting ways with chef David Gilbert as Nancy Nichols' review went to press and Leslie Brenner prepared hers for filing.

Seems they knew all along just what a cock-up they'd created in the kitchen (alliteration eases my mood).

Oh...our photographer reports seeing former Lazare chef Ryan Carbery at Fuse.

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