Goodfriend's Pepper Bomb Is Indeed The Bomb

"I'd like to get the Chili Bomb," I told my bartender moments after I'd taken my stool. "The pepper bomb?" he asked, confirming my order. I was staring right at the menu, clearly the 11.75% ABV Leviathan Quad I'd sipped was working its magic. It tasted of burnt candy. "Yeah, give me the chili bomb, medium rare."

I'd missed Goodfriend. It still stands as my favorite restaurant to review, and seeing another positive article in D only made me miss it more. "What comes through that window is, indeed, badass," Nancy Nichols wrote of the burgers cooked next door in Good 2 Go's kitchen. I had to get back and pay them another visit.

In the comments for my review, a few readers talked about the pepper bomb burger. They said that it was dangerously spicy. Evan was disgruntled:

Loved this place, but be forewarned, the Pepper Bomb is not to be taken lightly. WAY hotter than I expected, and hotter than I cared for.

I like spicy, but within reason. A little sweat. A warm glow. I don't want to suffer all night to enjoy a little piquancy, though. I was tentatively cautious while I waited for my burger, and sipped on an Avery Pilsner. I wondered if I'd need some milk.

Serranos, habaneros, and Thai bird chilies combine with sambal to give this burger it's glow. The mixture is tucked beneath a slice of Chipotle Cheddar cheese just before they bring out your plate.

Was it hot? Sure. Does it deserve a warning label? Maybe. But after hearing many people tell me about how incredibly spicy this burger is, I was a little disappointed in the results. I became worried that the Trinidad scorpion chili had somehow recalibrated my capsaicin receptors. What if I could never taste spicy again? But I didn't care just then -- I was enjoying one hell of a burger.

"This chili bomb is good," I said with a mouth full of bun and beef and heat. "Pepper bomb," I was corrected again. They never gave up on me.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.