GQ Adds to FT33's Growing List of Accolades

Nearly every restaurant with a web presence has a press page. The little slice of internet real estate is devoted to compiling stories penned by various publications about the food, chef or whatever -- it's supposed to impress you.

While some press pages are more impressive than others, it's easy to argue that FT33's is the most striking in Dallas right now. Earlier this year Vogue claimed that FT33 was so impressive it warranted a visit to the Big D. Around the same time Wine Enthusiast featured Matt McCallister's recipe for smoked potatoes and mushrooms.

This month more national glossies showered the Design District restaurant with attention. Bon Appetit featured a gin and tonic recipe served at the restaurant, and now GQ's very own Alan Richman comes to shine light on Matt McCallister's cooking.

"The 50 Best Things To Sip, Chew, Devour and Drink Right Now" compiles ... well, I guess that's obvious. But it's the No. 26 spot that is especially relevant to Dallas and FT-33. Richman cautiously praises McCallister's celery root soup, saying it's good enough to stand on its own without the tiny rye croutons that cling to the edge of the bowl. While the hay-infused grape seed oil confuses the GQ food critic (why not just use a grassy olive oil?) the mention is surely another PR victory for FT-33.

While McCallister sources locally for most of his ingredients, he went all the way to LA to hire a PR firm. Wagstaff Worldwide probably costs a little more than most local companies, but it appears it's doing an exceptional job.

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