Graham Dodds Has Landed: Ex Bolsa Chef Will Helm Central 214

When Bolsa announced Jeff Harris and Matt Balke would be taking over the kitchen and running the soon to open (and now opened) Bolsa Mercado, little was said about the chef they replaced. Graham Dodds was understandably quiet about his departure. In a short interview with D, he declined to comment about the split (you know, creative differences) and was cryptic about his plans. "I've been working on a concept with a partner and some investors since mid-July," he said. "I want a small restaurant with a small kitchen."

Instead, he landed at Central 214, formerly overseen by Blythe Beck. The restaurant that serves the Kimpton Hotel Palomar has been without a permanent chef since the end of September.

"I'm thrilled to start off the New Year with a new approach at Central 214," says Dodds in a news release. "Diners will experience my commitment to seasonal American menus with fresh, local ingredients and artisan products."

I've got a call into Dodds as I'm curious to see what he's been up to for the past few months. When we talk I'll be sure to update the post.

And that Blythe Beck... I wonder where the naughty chef will land ...

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