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Graham Dodds' Wayward Sons to Open December 7

Brandon Hays and Phil Schanbaum have an interesting collection of restaurants to credit to their group This & That Concepts. Standard Pour and So&Sos come off as party bars if you happen through the doors after dinner hours, but before then they act like serious restaurants. High Fives, on the other hand, is an all-out bro bar where I witnessed dart players do shots and punch the walls on a recent weekend. Crowds at all of these businesses skew young and drunk, but a serious appreciation for thoughtfully prepared food is evident at each.

With their soon to open Wayward Sons, the pair will likely court a completely new customer with what stands to be their most serious restaurant. They've taken over the old Kirby's space on Greenville Avenue across from the Granada and built a 200-seat restaurant with a bar and patio. They've also partnered with Graham Dodds, whose reputation for embracing local ingredients and collecting four-star reviews brings some serious weight to the restaurant.

The team released their upcoming menu, and it's peppered with Dodds' trademark Texas slant. Biscuits with house-made jam and corn bread dominate the bread service, and grits, cabrito and mole make appearances. Dodds' hands were somewhat tied while cooking at his last post Hibiscus, where longtime customers had come to rely on their favorite dishes. Wayward Sons will give the chef a fresh start. It will be exciting to see how he interprets his new post.

The restaurant will open December 7 with dinner service only, with the bar kicking things off at 4 p.m. and the kitchen turning on at 5. Brunch service is expected to start in the spring, just about the time spring produce becomes available and when Dodds' cooking should especially shine.

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