Grand Canyon Burger: The Latest in Japan McDonald's Ridiculous Big America Campaign

Earlier this year we approximated the possible future of Japan McDonald's bizarre Big America 2 campaign, which features four Hulk-fist sized America-themed burgers (the "Texas 2" burger featured "flavors of the Lone Star State with spicy chili beans"). Our own product pitches included a massive, irradiated whole shell crab sitting between tiny buns and a Denver burger piled-mile-high with weed.

Well, Japan McDonald's is very much at it again. Over on Burger Business, they're talking about the latest, West-coast themed additions to the campaign: the Las Vegas burger with an "impressive cream cheese sauce," the Broadway Burger with pastrami-bacon (?), the Beverly Hills Burger with Caesar salad and an egg and -- drum roll -- the Grand Canyon Burger.

We'll look past the uncomfortable phrase "impressive cream cheese sauce" and dedicate our attention to the absurd, looks-like-it-was-built-by-a-stoned-high-schooler Grand Canyon burger. It's got egg, mozzarella, Cheddar cheese and steak sauce with soy and liquid smoke.

Don't know about you, but when thinking of the great geological formations in America, I find it very easy to think how they would manifest as a burger. Maybe McDonald's will build on the Grand Canyon and serve the Grand Canyon burger with Colorado River fries. With a plastic bottle of Coke.

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