Grapevine Craft Brewery Taps Friends and Fans (i.e. You?) for Final Funding Push

Previously we told you about the Grapevine Craft Brewery. Gary Humble fell in love with Grapevine about the same time he fell in love with craft beer, so he decided to open up a (rather swank) craft brewery, which they've recently broken ground on. It'll be the craft beer stop on the wine circuit.

GCB recruited Caton Orrel to be the head brewer, who earned his marks at Boulevard Brewing Co. They already have four beers lined up for the launch: Lakefire, a rye pale ale; Monarch, "nothing fancy, just good"; Sir Williams, an English brown ale; and Night Watch, a dry oatmeal stout.

But, you know the old saying -- Where there's a will, there's a crowd-based fundraising webpage to be created. GCB has tapped Fundable to raise the final $50,000 for their brewery.

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It's a strategy that's worked well for some in the past. Actually, fantastically well for some. Like the Bishop Cider Co., which raised more than $20,000, and they were only asking for $10,000. Social Brewing in Fort Worth met their goal of $15,000 in March through a Kickstarter campaign.

After just a few days, the GCB has raised 35 percent of its goal ($17,710). Fundable uses an "all or nothing" model, which means if they don't surpass their $50,000 goal, then all the money pledged so far goes back to the pledgers. No rush though, the campaign is set up for 60 days (53 days and counting).

The website explains what different levels of donation get you in return. One backer pledged more than $10,000 and they get free beer for life. And, as part of the fundraising, the brewery will give five percent of company profits to GRACE, a local non-profit that serves under-resourced families in the area.

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