Collagen, rosê and gummy bears: the Dallas story.EXPAND
Collagen, rosê and gummy bears: the Dallas story.
Courtesy of Grayson Social

Dallas in a Glass: This New Downtown Cocktail Mixes Rosé With Collagen

Southern dining concept Grayson Social hit the Dallas food scene at the end of 2016 and has been known to mix it up behind the bar with unique ingredients: protein powder, beef jerky, myrrh and now, collagen. The Rosé Sangria ($15) starts out normal with rosé wine, lavender and rose syrups and fruit. Then, for funsies, they thread some rosé-infused gummy bears on a pick as garnish. And then there's the collagen.

It doesn't add flavor to the cocktail, but, according to a press release from Grayson Social, "can give you firm, glowing skin."


"Collagen, when ingested, works as a protein builder which can help improve the health of hair, skin and nails, says Dr. Connie Casad, founder of Park Cities Aesthetics. "Additionally, it has been found to improve gut health and aid in liver detoxification. It's great for replenishment. I actually add some to my coffee every morning."

And that's what we call working the long game.

Grayson Social, 1555 Elm St.


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