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Great Deep-Frying Minds Think Alike: Twisted Root Debuts Fried Pop Tarts

Deep-fried Pop-Tarts are now available to eaters who don't want to splurge on a State Fair of Texas ticket -- if they're willing to settle for Chef Jason Boso's version of the treat.

Boso, executive chef of Twisted Root Burger Co. and Cowboy Chow, created five fried dishes to celebrate Fair season, but admits his fried chocolate and strawberry Pop-Tarts have been the runaway customer favorite.

"It's a lot of fun," he says.

Boso, who prefers fried ice cream, hasn't yet sampled Isaac Rousso's Deep Fried S'mores Pop-Tart, which dazzled Big Tex Choice Award judges.

"I didn't even know they were having them," he says. "I probably wouldn't have done it if I knew."

Boso's Fair-inspired line-up also includes deep-fried peaches and cream, a bacon-wrapped deep-fried hot dog, a deep-fried slider and - at the Roanoke location only - green chile cotton candy.

"It's pretty weird to taste spice through sugar," Boso says. "It's more of an interest thing. People try it and say 'what the hell?' I don't think anyone wants to eat the whole thing."

While the deep-fried foods will be retired when the fair ends, Boso plans to keep experimenting with cotton candy; vanilla latte cotton candy's on next month's menu. But the treat will remain a Roanoke-only special.

"It's the only store where I have room for the cotton candy maker," he explains.

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