Green Grocer To Give Away Nibbles To Mark Its First Year

It's not the big anniversaries that get me -- the 10-, 20- and 25-year milestones -- it's the little ones. The one-year anniversaries are the ones that sneak up from behind and cold-cock you. Boom! Another year is gone.

And that's just what Green Grocer is doing this weekend as they celebrate their first year of existence. Can it really be just a year ago that Lauren Daniels told us of the coming of this Chicago-based super food store; since I discovered the green smoothies that shaved pounds and pounds from my midsection; since I found one of the best spots to buy Brian Luscher's Red Hots?

Apparently it has.

To mark the accomplishment Grenville Avenue's little grocer is hosting some of the local growers and artisans they feature on their shelves. Look for Luscher's Post Oak Red Hots, On Pure Ground Dairy, Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters, Hail Merry, Eat the Yard and local breweries and wineries. They'll all be sampling their goods while the Green Grocer kitchen provides light bites.

Green Grocer, 3614 Greenville Ave., 10 a.m.- 4 p.m, January 25

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