Green House Truck Nominated
As One of America's Favorite Food Trucks

Food trucks, or their paucity, in Dallas are hot. The topic has been covered by local food media outlets, including City of Ate. One food truck has done more to highlight residents' desire for mobile food vendors. That food truck, Green House Truck, has been nominated as one of America's favorite food trucks in the Food Network online competition (vote here), connected to The Great Food Truck Race). Wha...?

How the hell did the lone food truck in Dallas get such a nod,? This a city whose government makes such sport of squashing entrepreneurs that it risks losing lucrative tax revenue because of bureaucracy (and the associated fees) that masquerade as safeguarding the health of Dallas citizens.

City of Ate spoke with Green House Truck's owner, Michael Siegel, to learn more about the nomination and its ramification.

"People are really enjoying our food and becoming familiar with food trucks in general. I'd like to think that we have a lot to do with the latter, but Food Network's new show has certainly helped," Siegel says. "I can't tell you how many times we have had diners ask if we watched the previous episode of the show. It's a great thing because people are realizing that gourmet, delicious, and exciting food can come from these trucks."

Siegel is going to donate the $10,000 prize money if Green House Truck is awarded first place. "The idea of donating the money was an idea that immediately came to mind once I heard about the prize." The charity is up to voters. They can recommend one via Facebook and Twitter.

It's obvious people want food trucks in Dallas. Dallasites are the ones who nominated Green House Truck, and the powers that be are taking notice. Veletta Lill, executive director of the Arts District, is working on changing the prohibition of mobile food vendors, as reported by Nancy Nichols over at D magazine's food blog, SideDish.

Hopefully, with the combined success of Green House Truck, Lill's efforts and the clamoring masses, a new age of food trucks is nigh.

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