Grounded In Italy

Nancy Krabill, owner of Snider Plaza's gourmet shop Flavors From Afar, took off for Italy late last fall. And what she brought back from Trieste was much better than a silly t-shirt...and we consider any tee from Italy that doesn't say "Juventus" a waste. But that's an aside. Krabill returned from her jaunt with two new rare coffee beans...by which I mean a lot of two different styles of bean.

She doesn't sell coffee brewed from these exotic grounds. Nope--using the same business model as those late 90s dot.coms, she's giving away cappuccino on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

One, from a Roman café called Sant' Eustachio, features wood toasted Arabica beans. The other hails from Venice: Café del Doge, with beans roasted separately, turning out a more intensely flavored espresso.

Flavors From Afar's cappuccinos are normally sell for $2.50. So it's not much of a savings...until you get to seconds and thirds.

And, if you're really excited about the new Italian coffee, put that $2.50 toward one of Flavors From Afar's food-centric tours of Italy and travel straight to the source. They're planning a trip to Tuscany in October, and Sicily at a date TBD.

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