Grow Rice in Your Special Place

Right now, the force is with eating local. More and more documentaries, nutrition-based magazines and hard-hitting food journalists are attacking the mass-processed nonsense that floods major-chain grocery stores. So what's the solution?

Back in 2008, Jesse Hyde reported for us on the Slow Food Movement in Dallas and his attempt to eat within a 100 mile radius. Well, "locavores" can officially rejoice. Now you can grow food on your person. Specifically, you can grow a garden on your chest!

A invention from Japan has the design: a bra connected to water and seeds to grow rice! Your life long dreams of growing long-grain next to your can-cans can be realized.

Now I don't understand what they're saying in the above ad, but my guess is its something like, "Holy shit! I'm growing rice where my breasts should be! Now all I have to do is lean forward, and dinner is served!"

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Nick Rallo
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