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Grub Burger Bar Is Showing Signs of Life on Greenville Avenue

We once again surface from the depths of Craigslist to bring you news from the underscape. Well, not really the depths, since this doesn't involve any weird sex or a dresser drawer you've had since college. Rather, we bring you more burger news. Specifically, Grub Burger Bar is looking to hire people for its new Greenville Avenue location, a signal that the long-awaited swanky burger joint is getting closer to opening. Great personalities only need apply.

Dallas is already awash in grilled and griddled meats, but Grub offers a lot of variety and variations, including veggie burger patties made from eggplant and hummus rather than the standard beans and whatever the hell else.


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Originally slated to open sometime this summer at 4925 Greenville Ave., Grub already has locations in College Station and and Houston. The opening has been pushed back to next month.

The menu has a surprising mix of toppings and flavors, including Dr Pepper barbecue sauce, absinthe-sautéed mushrooms, peanut butter (for Thai burgers) and ghost-chile sauce. And on the lighter side there are also options like pesto turkey cobb salad and tabbouleh. There's also alcoholic milkshakes, which may be shtick by now but come in some pretty interesting flavors (we're looking at you, Birthday Cakefetti).

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