Guns N' Roses Band Members Make Sausage at Pecan Lodge (With Photos)

If you follow the local music scene you might have known Guns N' Roses visited Dallas last week for a show at the House of Blues. If you follow the local food scene really closely you might have seen the Texas Monthly article that noted two of the band members hit up Pecan Lodge before the show.

Justin Fourton says the band's tour manager called him up earlier that day to ask if it was all right for the band to stop by. Being a fan (favorite album: Appetite For Destruction) he said absolutely and even saved them some food. But he admits he didn't expect the band members to end up in his kitchen stuffing sausages.

Chris Pitman and Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal didn't get to the Shed 2 barbecue joint till 2:30 p.m. when the staff were making sausage for the weekend. After a meal of sausages, some beef ribs and a little brisket Fourton had set aside, Bumblefoot and Pitman took turns working prep.

Here's a gif of one of the videos Fourton took of the escapades. As you can see, Bumblefoot displays much more dexterity with a six-string than he does a toothpick.

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