Hack Saws and Fried Guacamole. Who Else is Proud to be a Texan?

This week in food blogs, a Dallas chef milked cows and wielded a hack saw to win $10,000; El Bulli closed; and we gave you an arsenal of excuses to eat and drink. Read on.

City of Ate If you're looking for Ethiopian food that is as nonthreatening as it is tasty, Scott Reitz suggests Ibex Ethiopian Bar and Cuisine. Besides a misplaced fish and a few other menu snafus, dishes were simple, succulent and seasoned well.

Another way to lose weight is to quit eating, says Alice Laussade. My Fit Foods is here to help you do that.

What does the term "gastro pub" even mean, anyway?

Scott Reitz says there may be hope for Dallas' pizza scene yet, starting with Cane Rosso.

Lauren Drewes Daniels says this summer's drought has ruined nearly every Texas peach, save for the slices atop Fireside Pies Market Peach Cobbler.

El Bulli closed. In its place is a non-profit think tank that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. Elsewhere, Joe Tone gets nostalgic.

If people insist on reminding us how hot it is, then we insist on drinking. At least all the drinking is healthy for you.

And speaking of it being hot, Green House food truck reports that temperatures top out around 130 inside the truck, causing equipment to malfunction and employees to drown in their own sweat.

Side Dish John Tesar, fresh from his Extreme Chef victory, will soon reopen The Table as One Art, a name reminiscent of ... the art of being a chef.

It's not really food news, but who doesn't want another chance to to look at this s'more pizza from Cavalli Pizzeria?

Krisy Alpert, Side Dish's classy cheap eater, ate at Gilley's Jack Daniel's Saloon, reported Southern hospitality, above-average burgers, tender brisket and the existence of fried pickle chips.

Pegasus News Stephanie Hawkes visited The Bomb Fried Pies & Fried Guacamole, and wrote a glowing review of both the fried pies and the friend guacamole. You prefer chilled guacamole? She did too, until someone opened her eyes.

Not only is the opening of another Texas In-N-Out annoying, but Kevin Buchanan says this one is actually bad for Fort Worth.

The Starbucks on the ground level of 1700 Pacific Avenue is extending its hours, says Teresa Gubbins. Not only does that mean drinks at a later hour, but it also says something about the demographic moving into that area. Click here to find out what that something is.

Escape Hatch Dallas Since Mike Hiller already stole my phoenix metaphor in the original post, I will simply say this: Terelli's, destroyed by a fire in early spring, will reopen Aug. 22.

Food Network Star, chef and apron designer Lisa Garza snatched up the space left by Hector's on Henderson. Stay tuned to find out what will actually happen in that space.

Crave DFW We will never tire of talking about a good taco, and Danielle Leahy has a few things to say about Tortas La Hechizera.

We told you about John Tesar and One Art, but let's back up to tell you about John Tesar competitively milking a cow.

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