Hair-Cooked, Popcorn and Yogurt (Our Last Hair Pun, Promise)

If hairy chicken, beer-flavored popcorn and frozen yogurt on hiatus should have anything in common, it's only this week in Dallas blogs.

City of Ate Hanna Raskin found a hairy situation at Saint Ann, where it seems as the restaurant splurged on interior decorating and had nothing left for the uninspired (and in one case disgusting) menu. And later on, Raskin discovers that hair in food might be more than an inconvenience.

Even though A Taco Joint started out a nightmarish throwback to her dance club days, Alice Laussade stuck with the restaurant long enough to discover some acceptably tasty tacos.

Kristy Yang presents a slide show of the Amazing Pies of Dallas.

You may be one of those people who enjoys tilapia, white bread and lukewarm tap water. That's fine. Take your bag of Orville Redenbacher over there and we'll be out in a minute. For everyone else, Uptown Popcorn opened in NorthPark mall. The store offers a wide variety of popcorn flavors including (but obviously not limited to) cinnamon toast, beer, loaded baked potato, Key lime pie and Dallas.

Alice Laussade and Merritt Martin compile a list why Top Chef All Star's Jamie "Soup or Scallop?" Lauren should pack her knives and go.

Fresh from the success of the "Texas Burger," McDonald's restaurants in Japan are releasing the "Texas 2 Burger," which is piled high with chili, fresh onions and a slightly off perception of native Texas cuisine.

Should you find yourself ravenous on DART's new Green Line, Jose Ralat Maldonado presents a list of the tastiest eateries along the route.

Dallas Morning News Leslie Brenner finds the atmosphere and food at Kenny's Italian Kitchen decent enough, but can't stomach the steep price tags.

Brenner had a better experience at Buttons. She had some nice things to say about the fried chicken, but they may have been hard to hear over the endless sound checks from the live music.

Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reports that the Green Room's publicist Ashley Hightower promises the restaurant will re-open next Tuesday, January 18.

Whole Foods Preston-Forest will now sell beer and wine, says Kim Pierce.

SideDish Nancy Nichols reports that you may have had your last spoonful of Natsumi Gelato and Frozen Yogurt, but only for a while. Eats Blog's Kim Pierce says that owner Natalie Nguyen closed the store because of a bad location, but may reopen somewhere else in the future.

Sarah Reiss reports that chef Chad Martin of St. Hotel Germain has released two cookbooks: Chefs at Home and 85 Inspirational Chefs. As a teaser, Reiss posted Martin's oysters Rockefeller recipe, which can be found in his book Chefs at Home.

Critic's Guide In honor of a particularly frigid week in North Texas, Dave Faries presents a list of his top five favorite soups.

Blue Ginger Garden proved to Faries that looks aren't everything. You may be sitting in a dump, but if you're patient, you can be rewarded with sambal shrimp.

Pegasus News Teresa Gubbins reports that while the Cowboys Stadium is looking to gouge your hungry self at the Super Bowl, restaurants around the area aren't raising their prices. Since you're already paying out the nose for tickets and parking, give your pocketbook a break and nosh off-campus. Gubbins makes a list of where.

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