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First Look

First Look: Hanasato Brings Japanese Flair to Denton

The sushi at Hanasato is like artwork.
The sushi at Hanasato is like artwork. Courtesy of Hanasato Denton
Hanasato in Denton opened last summer. With the influx of new and upcoming restaurants in Denton, we had to stop by and try it out.

Hanasato serves many classic Japanese dishes, including varieties of udon noodle soups, an extensive selection of designer sushi rolls and katsu.

We visited on a recent stormy night. The space has warm wood tones with both tables and booths, the latter of which offers a nice amount of privacy. People in Denton were likely hunkering down at home because of the weather, so there wasn't a wait. We found service was swift and very friendly; we even got storm updates while we ate.
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A sushi and sashami plate at Hanasato.
Courtesy of Hanasato Denton
Part of the fun here is the presentation. Plates are blank canvases with artistic renderings of sushi and sauces. Flowers (both real and made with food), stars and swizzles zhuzh up plates.

The tempura shrimp was a standout dish with a nice crunch from the crispy fried battered shrimp. The appetizer was served with six golden-brown fried shrimp and soy sauce.

The katsudon ($13) is a fried pork cutlet topped with a fried egg over a crunchy breading along with onion, green onions and a sweet and savory sauce, all served over a bed of white rice. The dish was fulfilling, and the presentation was unique.
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Nicolle Lane
Hanasato's sushi is grouped as special rolls, deep-fried rolls and baked rolls. House favorites include the Girlfriend ($16.50), with crab, cucumber and shrimp tempura; the Boyfriend ($16.50), which is like the Girlfriend but is topped with salmon; and Sunset roll ($14) made with crab and shrimp tempura and topped with a crab stick.

Hanasato fits in nicely with the evolving culinary scene in Denton. The space is great for a date and the food is both gorgeous and satisfying.

Hanasato, 2500 W. University Drive, Denton. Monday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
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