Handshakes And Sissy Slaps

People we'd like to shake hands with:

  • The Addison city council, for voting to allow Sigel's to plant the 1950s-era sign, dismantled when the chain's Lemmon location closed, in the northern 'burb. Years ago I visited a spot in Lithuania where some rich guy had resurrected Soviet statues torn down when the Baltic state declared independence. Once these casts dominated bleak commie city squares. Now they sit in a remote wooded park. Someone should do something similar for dated neon.
  • Michael Carrick. Brilliant goal against Wigan. See ya, Liverpool.

People we want to sissy slap:

  • David Feherty. His comments in D magazine--for which he apologized--are just plain stupid. We can't abide stupidity at City of Ate...except our own, of course.
  • Dick Cheney. Oh, if the biblical "do unto others" and "eye for an eye" bits were law...although no one wants to see the bare-butt human pyramid of those who OK'd torture. So we'll just stick with a sissy slap session.
  • Waiters at Agave Tex-Mex in Flower Mound. A 9 p.m. closing doesn't mean chairs up and everybody out by 8:30. 

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