Handshakes And Sissy Slaps

People we'd like to shake hands with:

Jason Williams, from the cradle of NFL superstardom and Harvard of the Midwest--yep, Western Illinois University. Home of the fighting Leathernecks. WIU is many time almost-champion of 1-AA (they tend to falter in the playoffs, even when ranked #1), the team that almost beat Arkansas and once held the eventual national champions, LSU, to 13 points...until the fourth quarter. The WIU grads in Dallas welcome you. And since the 33 'Necks previously drafted onto NFL teams have accounted for 11 Super Bowl wins...

Amy Severson, author of a fantastic blog rant about the Dewhurst BYOB bill.

People We'd Like To Sissy Slap

Jack, the Jack in the Box advertising character, who utters this line in their most recent commercial: "Hey, if I'm saying something that's not true..." Here he rips off both sleeves, revealing what we assume are biceps..."do something about it." We've never seen an ad so Cheney-esque. Essentially he's saying 'I may be lying, but I'll kick your ass if you refute my lies.'


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