Hangover Helpers: Big burritos, Gatorade and Man Maids--Coming to a Headache Near You

Hey drunkards! Let's all move to Boulder. Sure, it's super cold in Colorado (because, for some reason, that state acknowledges that winter is a season) but they have one awesome thing we haven't got: Hangover Helpers.

We heard about these guys while listening to the Edge this morning and didn't believe the service could possibly be real. It's too awesome.

But, sure enough, it exists. If you live in Boulder, hangovers don't suck nearly as much as they used to, thanks to Alex Vere- Nicoll and Marc Simmons, co-founders of Hangover Helpers and recent University of Colorado grads. Clearly sent to earth by the beer gods, these dudes will bring your hungover self a breakfast burrito and a Gatorade and even clean up your post-party house for a mere $15 per roommate. 

Since we know you're food snobs out there even when you're hungover, we called Marc Simmons to see what kind of breakfast burrito we're talking about here. He says they've been serving up "a grilled burrito from a local Boulder place, it's not just some crappy frozen burrito." But since the recent media attention has hit, they've received samples from a variety of local restaurants and are considering a switch if it would mean a fresher product. The Gatorade flavors they offer include Fruit Punch, Mandarin Orange and "that yellow-green one." Thank God for that yellow green one. Seriously, Gatorade inventors, big ups for that hangover cure.

Simmons says franchising is a definite possibility in the future and that they'd like to expand sooner than later. Someone please call these dudes and figure out a deal. Dallas needs these hangover angels like Justin Bieber needs a haircut.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.