Happiness is a Warm Sol's Taco, Delivered Right to Your Door

Sol's Taco Lounge 2626 Commerce St. 214-651-7657

Promised delivery time: 30-45 minutes
Actual delivery time: 35 minutes

Scoring Summary

Food that makes you go to your happy place: 30
On-time delivery when beef fajita nachos are involved: 35
Wanting to become BFFs with the delivery driver: 20
Not finding a reason to take off points: 5

Total: 90

Every girl remembers her first time -- eating at her first Mexican restaurant, that is. How nervous you were when you entered the restaurant and saw all those pros chowing down on their sizzling fajitas. Would the kitchen staff be gentle with you when it came to the spices, or would the meal throw your taste buds into the deep end of the pool on your first visit? Would this be an experience you were going to enjoy or live to regret...in about an hour?

My first experience got me hooked on the cuisine, and I've been a proud addict ever since.

I recently moved to a new hood...well, old new hood. I had lived in the area before, but then moved away, and now I was back. Anyway, I was happy to return, but not pleased with the stress of moving. One night I was tired of hanging photos, rearranging furniture and trying to figure out why I had so many damn martini glasses, so I decided to take a break and order up some food. I desperately needed to find my happy place, and right away I knew the solution.

I needed Mexican food in my belly, and I needed it soon. P.D.'s Mexican Restaurant in Terrell (a small town about 45 minutes east of Dallas) kept running through my mind, because this is where I had my first Mexican food experience and was the gateway meal to my addiction. Well, I wasn't about to get up and drive to Terrell, so I decided to order the next best thing, Sol's Taco Lounge. Their beef fajita nachos and hot sauce have always reminded me of P.D.'s. In the past I had trouble getting delivery service from Sol's because of my location, but now that I'm on the east side of the North Central Expressway they couldn't tell me no. Ha! In yo face, Sol's!

I called up Sol's and ordered away. When the man on the phone was repeating my order and other info to me, I realized he had such an inviting voice and was kind of funny. It made me want to ask for his name and Facebook him so we could become BFFs and wear matching bracelets, but I decided against it. I was hungry and that would only prolong the countdown to finding my food happy place. My new secret BFF (secret to him) let me know that I had two orders ahead of me and it would be around 30-45 minutes. Not a problem, I could wait forever for my P.D.'s substitute food, or 45 minutes tops.

About 35 minutes later I get a call on my cell phone from my secret BFF asking me to let him in the gate. We were about to meet face to face, and I must admit that I was a little nervous. I went outside and met him at the gate, and he was just as awesome in person as he was over the phone. We did a two-minute chat while doing the food and receipt exchange, and I had to refrain myself from asking "Do you have a Facebook?" Ah, social networking is another addiction of mine.

I went inside and setup my dinner as if I were in a real restaurant -- if a restaurant had one of their televisions turned onto Animal Planet. One bite into my beef fajita nachos and my happy place had been discovered. One chip dipped into the hot sauce and all the stress of moving and unpacking were leaving my body. It was safe to say that I was a happy lady after my introductory meal to my new old hood.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.