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Happy National Doughnut Day. Here's Where You Should Get Doughnuts in Dallas

I'm an unapologetic Shipley's fan. I don't know of many things better than a plain glazed warm Shipley's doughnut that melts in your mouth like angels singing atop a beautiful mountain overlooking ... you get the scene. Most important: One free glazed doughnut today until noon!

See Also: -- Delicious Dallas Doughnuts Hypnotic Donuts is body slamming National Doughnut Day with their revolutionary doughnut concoctions. They have media appearances scheduled all day and 20th Century Fox is at the shop promoting a new film, The Heat. Plus, they're giving away Average Joe doughnuts and coffee from 10 a.m. to noon.

Mustang Donuts was on our Best of list about a decade ago, when the fried dough was described as "an ethereal treat of subtle nuance." The University Park spot (6601 Hillcrest Ave.) has been around quite a while, and if you can find a parking spot is worth the trip.

Pookie's Donuts is two kinds of crazy. One because of a hot pink mechanical gorilla Alice Laussade wrote about last year, and also because, in addition to doughnuts, they serve Philly cheesesteaks. And, according to their Facebook page, they have a contest to see who can eat a sandwich and a giant apple fritter the fastest. The current time is 3 minutes 30 seconds. The fritter is bigger than the sandwich and the basket it's served in. You got game? Take photos.

No, not technically a doughnut shop, but it's really hard to talk about wonderful rolls of dough without mentioning some of the goods at Village Baking Co., like the laminated Brioche fresh out of the oven. Just look at that.

Last year when Reitz reviewed the East Hampton Sandwich Co. in Snider Plaza, he was surprisingly smitten with golf ball-sized, fluffy doughnut holes, served with a heavy dusting of cinnamon and sugar and tossed in a brown paper bag. He lamented, "It's a shame this place isn't open for breakfast."

Last year Whitney Filloon swooned about the "sensible bacon-doughnut" at the off-the-beaten path doughnut factory in Oak Cliff, Lone Star Donuts (1727 N. Beckley Ave.) The Maple Bacon Fancy is a classic maple doughnut with crunchy pieces of bacon.

Sunrise Donuts at 2615 Oak Lawn Ave. captured our hearts two years ago and was named the 2012 Best Doughnut Shop. It's a small shop and they're not doing anything special today except just being themselves, which is special enough.

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