Drink Negronis with your homies this week during Negroni Week.
Drink Negronis with your homies this week during Negroni Week.
Austin Marc Graf

It’s Negroni Week in Dallas, and Harlowe MXM Is Celebrating with an Italian Riff on a Classic

Negroni Week, when more than 10,000 bars across the country will donate a portion of Negroni cocktail proceeds to their selected charities, is upon us. We're loving all the riffs we've been seeing at bars across DFW. And we've seen a lot of them. We're fans of keeping it simple, and the basic Negroni does just that with only three ingredients: gin, vermouth and Campari. So when we saw a slightly more Italian take on the classic from Harlowe MXM, we fell a little lotta bit in love.

They nixed the gin and subbed Italian sparkling wine to lighten the texture and give us the perfect reason to drink it on a rooftop — or anywhere — and paired it with the standard Campari, a bitter apéritif, and dry vermouth.

Order one there (or at one of the other 50 participating bars in the DFW area) this week and a portion of your drink's proceeds will benefit a charity of the bar's choice. Harlowe will be donating its dollars to Paws, a group that works to "ensure animals are respected, safe and have a voice."

Visit negroniweek.com to find the venues around DFW that are serving up this classic cocktail for a cause. Negroni Week ends June 30.

Negroni Sbagliato: Prosecco, Campari, Cocchi di Torino Vermouth

Harlowe MXM, 2823 Main St. (Deep Ellum)

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