Wednesday was for the sweet, Thursday is for the salty.EXPAND
Wednesday was for the sweet, Thursday is for the salty.
Austin Marc Graf

Harlowe MXM Gets Salty for Singles Awareness Day

This week has a little something for everyone: Fat Tuesday for the gluttonous, Wednesday for the sweethearts and now there's Thursday, which is now somehow dubbed Singles Awareness Day, a pseudo-holiday for the salty. Harlowe MXM put together a cocktail that satisfies all walks: a boozy, sweet and salty drink.

The cocktail takes a nod from the Japanese snack li hing mui (also called huamei), a salty, dried plum snack. Let this cocktail wash down your bitterness, give you incentive to make flirty eyes at that cute guy down the bar or just end the night on a sweet note.

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The Salted Plum Cosmo ($11): vodka, black plum shrub, lime, triple sec, salt tincture, orange oils

Harlowe MXM, 2823 Main St. (Deep Ellum)

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