Harlowe MXM's Charity Cocktail, Boxers in Bowties, Ties Flavors Together Beautifully

Party for a good cause with a great drink in hand.
Party for a good cause with a great drink in hand. Susie Oszustowicz
Among the numerous festivals that are just for our damn pleasure, it's nice to see an event giving back. The Boxer Bowtie Club is a group of young gents that wanted to have a party that served a purpose. So they formed a nonprofit and put their (formal) party pants on.

The Dallas chapter of Boxer Bowtie Club raises funds for Education Opens Doors, "an educational non-profit focused on equipping students, starting in middle school, with a spectrum of knowledge, skills and resources that will empower them to strategically navigate through high school to college," according to the group's website.

This Saturday, Boxer Bowtie members will be getting down for a good cause at Trunk Club, and they want you to join them — if not for the party, then at least for a drink at Harlowe MXM.

One of Deep Ellum's newest spots created a cocktail in the group's honor, the Boxers in Bowties, to celebrate what the club is doing. It's a wildly spirit-forward cocktail, and it's also ridiculously delicious. Thanks to the orange bitters and oil, the intense flavors are balanced beautifully, and it's perfectly sipable.

This drink will be available through Tuesday, and it's definitely one you'll want to tie down. Bow tie not included.

Boxers in Bowties ($12): Sagamore Rye whiskey, El Condado Pedro Ximenez, Strega, Dry Curaçao, orange bitters, orange oil

Harlowe MXM, 2823 Main St. (Deep Ellum), harlowemxm.com
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Susie Oszustowicz