Hash Over: Big Cheese, Beer Breath and Other Stuff

Don’t know what to say about this other than stand back aghast and watch proponents of the old government cheese program weep: Sculptor Sarah Kaufmann, otherwise known as “the Cheese Lady” plans to carve up 500 pounds of otherwise useful cheddar to celebrate the opening of Sprouts in Murphy.

Make sense? Well maybe this will clear it up.

Sprouts claims to be one of the fastest growing “retailers”—their word for “farmer’s market”—in the American southwest—or the parts of it involving Texas, Colorado, Arizona and California…although technically Colorado counts as the great plains/Rocky Mountains and the northern reaches of California hardly qualify, but no matter. Coming to Murphy, simply put, is a big deal. And since Constantine Andreou died last year and Richard Hunt was probably unavailable (and unwilling to work in the difficult cheese medium), why not bring in Kaufmann? The sculptor renown for her renderings of Brett Favre, a top-hatted gator and other monumental works plans something exceedingly grand: a fall harvest scene with an old-fashioned Sprouts delivery truck rumbling through.

All this takes place over two days—from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at the Sprouts on FM 544, Murphy. Hell, it took Michelangelo much, much longer to hack out David, and he even shortchanged the piece.

Sprouts, by the way, will add to the festive appeal by handing out samples of chipotle and garlic herb cheddar. Presumably not the stuff that falls to the ground.


Fans of good swillin’ beers and multi-course feasts mark down Tuesday, November 18, and the Libertine Bar…and if, on that Tuesday, the note makes sense, you have $40 and call in advance, they will treat you to mussels steamed in good Belgian ale (paired with Hoegaarden), skewered venison and Bass and three other couplings as part of their monthly beer dinner series. Starts at 7 p.m. Contact the establishment for details at 214-824-7900.


Voting is underway for next year’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants listing. It’s an interesting process: judges represent different regions and submit their top five selections to the publication—with one caveat: at least two of those five must be from another region.


Over at Unfair Park, Robert Wilonsky tracked down more dirt on the Brother’s Fried Chicken implosion…Meanwhile, owners of The Club locked up while they “reconsider” the space, according to Bill Addison of the Dallas Morning News…At the same time, Coast Global Seafood in Plano scheduled a grand opening fete and Franki’s Little Europe can’t make up their mind just what to do in this economy.


Might as well head to Sushi Axiom for “reverse happy hour,” an excessively cute way of saying “half price specials for two hours before closing on weekdays” not to mention $2 Gekkeikan sake.


Another Thanksgiving brunch option to mention: Nana offers a four course meal for adults ($85) and kids 5-12 ($45) featuring—from the adult menu—such Pilgrim-ish dishes as Mandarin orange soup, orecchiette pasta with ricotta and pine nuts, day boat scallops, Scottish salmon… oh, and turkey breast, although it’s wrapped in prosciutto. --Dave Faries

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