Hash Over: Drink Like A Millionaire, Eat Heart-Healthy, And More

Golden Spirits has come up with an idea so perfectly suited to the artificial luxury embodied by Dallas ultra-lounges that you'd think the Madison, Wisconsin distillery was based here.

Well, to use the old bumper-sticker phrase, Million Vodka wasn't born here, but it got here as fast as it could.

Million Vodka [music warning] is a self-described "ultra premium" hand-crafted, triple-filtered, small-batch vodka with a suggested retail price of $29.99. But it's so much more than just a vodka. As the Web site says, "MILLION is a lifestyle, swagger, a mindset, a drive to be the best at whatever you put your mind to."

Wow, and we thought it was just a flavorless intoxicant.

Starting this week, the vodka will be available here in a city-specific bottle featuring the Dallas skyline. Dallas and New York are the first two cities to receive their own bottles. If the idea is successful, other destination cities will get their own bottles as well (can't wait for the Dayton bottle). And in a city as obsessed with image, trends and bottle-service as Dallas, it's easy to imagine that will happen.

Also going on this week...

Cowboy Chow is unveiling new heart-healthy food items. But this is Cowboy Chow we're talking about, so don't expect no green salads or none of that sissy stuff. Rather, the health benefits come from using lean buffalo meat for popular items like tacos, hot dogs, cowboy grilled cheese and Sloppy Joe S-Words.

Area Red Robin Gourmet Burgers restaurants are offering free appetizers, shakes, desserts or Chillin' Concoction's to each customer who brings in five or more canned goods. The canned food drive, ongoing through November 25, supports the North Texas Food Bank and Tarrant Area Food Bank during the holiday season.

Tired of the same old dessicated turkey, bland mashed potatoes and can-shaped cylinder of cranberry sauce? Get help from Stephan Pyles at his holiday cooking classes, including his Modern Thanksgiving demonstration, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday in the private dining room of Stephan Pyles. Cost is $95. Contact Randall Austin McGehee at 214-999-1229 ext. 112 or by e-mail.

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Jesse Hughey
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