Hash Over: Love Is Taking Over the Dallas Dining Scene, Blue Mesa Celebrates the Fruits

Valentine's Day slowly starts invading our retail stores (and our lives) shortly after all the artificial Christmas trees and inflatable snowmen leave the shelves. The shelves get restocked with candy hearts and cutesy lovey-dovey stuffed animals holding hearts that read "I Love You." Then it's just a countdown to the dreadful day of love, and don't even get us started on the whole "which restaurant should we go to" decision-making process. You want to pick a place that tells the love of your life that you care about them as much as Lady Gaga loves her bubbles. But hello, we're in a recession and you don't want to spend the big bucks. Not unless you don't mind skipping the electricity bill this month. Here's a few money-saving but still somewhat romantic restaurant choices to take that special someone.

Cyclone Anaya's, both Oak Lawn and Prestonwood locations, will be offering a dinner-for-two menu for $49.95 per couple. It will feature mini fajita kabobs, spicy grilled salmon with mango habañero sauce and Tres Leches cake. Also, they will have bottles of Tattinger Champagne half-off for $49. Isn't that romantic of Cyclone? Trying to get two people drunk for half the price.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention oysters in our cheap-date-and-lovers day- plan. I mean if you need a little help in a certain department, then these bivalves are known for being an aphrodisiac. Big Shucks will be featuring a dozen raw oysters for $9.95 and a complimentary carnation to give to your lady. You can never go wrong with oysters and free flowers. Well, unless you hate oysters and are allergic to flowers.

RA Sushi is offering a three-course dinner-for-two for $50, which will include an appetizer, three types of sushi and dessert. They call it their RA-mantic menu. Clever. RA Sushi will also have two Valentine-themed drinks: the French Kiss cocktail for $8 and the Chocolate Covered Strawberry martini for $9.

All right, enough about Cupid. Let's move on to another Dallas event.

Blue Mesa Grill will be hosting The Citrus Festival during the months of February and March. The festival will be celebrating Meyer lemons, limes, Rio Star pink grapefruits, and sweet oranges from Rio Queen Citrus, a family produce business from the Rio Grande Valley. Blue Mesa will be featuring a special citrus menu featuring grilled salmon with grapefruit-jalapeno glaze, citrus churrascaritas and lemon-lime tarts with chocolate and honey pastries among other fruit-inspired dishes. And of course, their bar will be helping out with the festivities by offering the blood orange-elderberry margarita. Might want to consider taking a Zantac before making a visit to Blue Mesa these next couple of months. All that citrus is healthy but acidic. Caveat Refuxers.

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Sarah Johnson
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