Hash Over: Turkey, Tut and Nightgown Chic

There’s been a lot to distract us from restaurant news lately, from the Cowboys nose dive to . . . to . . . what was that other big event recently?

Anyway, this afternoon a call from the good folks—well, I can’t verify that ‘good’ applies to everyone—at Stove Top reminded me about Thanksgiving. Actually, they wanted to talk about some new addition to their stuffing line but the conversation, as interesting as it was, got me thinking about holiday meals.

Restaurants around Dallas are just beginning to figure out their Thanksgiving menus. The Melrose Hotel, for example, arranges several “stations” where guests can pick at cold buffet items (such as smoked trout), shellfish and hand carved prime rib before settling in for turkey. They even serve chicken fingers, peanut butter and jelly and other items at a special children’s station. It’s $55 for adults, plus tax and tip, $24 for kids 5-12 and free for the little brats. A donation will be made to the North Texas Food Bank for every brunch served.

Fearing’s not only offers a three course meal, brunch or dinner, but also turkey with all the trimmings to go. Sit down for $95 (adults), $40 (kids), plus tax and tip—a sad refrain—or pick up a big ol’ six-person feast for $198.

The Fairmont plans two seatings for brunch. Their buffet offers everything from eggs Benedict to French toast to sushi. There’s a carving station with turkey and a la carte items, including tenderloin and cedar roasted salmon. All of this will run $78-$35-free. But, like Fearings, they provide take away service for four, eight or twelve people starting at $115.


Its too rich for my britches, but Stephan Pyles Celebrity Chef Dinner—which hits town on Sunday—features more than just a five course dinner whipped up by big time cooks from around the country.

Nothing wrong with citrus cured scallop tartare, Tasmanian salmon pad Thai or suckling pig roasted on a spit, mind you. Just that well heeled diners engaging in a test of financial will, otherwise known as an auction, sounds rather interesting.

Amongst the usual luxury hotel packages and round trip flights for dinner in Miami—yawn—there’s Lot #6: Lunch for eight with King Tut.


Not my style, either, but Dragonfly in Hotel ZaZa just turned their occasional “jazz in your jammies” brunch into a monthly affair starting this Sunday.

For those who know how to dress “nightgown chic,” the restaurant serves bottomless (no, that’s not nightgown chic, that’s commando) mimosas along with creole cooking from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Bring $15 for the drinks, more if you need food.


Finally, word that Bailey's 1st and 10 finally failed to convert, as mentioned on D's SideDish. --Dave Faries

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