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Haute Sweets, Tired of You Showing Up at Their Catering Business, to Open Storefront

Red velvet and coffee macaroons, gold-dusted chocolate pot de crème, miniature vanilla bean cheese cakes: these are just a few of the desserts Gianni Santin and Tida Pichakron have been inadvertently using to tease potential customers at their Trinity Groves bakery. The pair opened Haute Sweets Pattisserie, a catering kitchen at 3015 Trinity Groves, but a number of retail customers have grown enamored with the pair's confections.

So enamored that they've been taking pictures of the sweets, cakes and other sugary baked goods and then posting them to Yelp, along with sumptuous five star reviews. It's those reviews that have lead more customers to think that Haute Sweets is a café, with a storefront and seating. They arrive expecting to order a cup of coffee a macaron or two, when the average order is in the hundreds, boxed to go.

The problem is prolific enough that the owners decided to look for a proper storefront, and decided recently on an address in Lake Highlands, at the corner of East Northwest Highway and Ferndale. Pichakron says they expect to move the catering option this weekend and have the storefront portion of the business open sometime in March.

"We'll have a small amount of seating," Pichakron says, describing a bar area with a few seats and a view into the kitchen, as well as a few tables. There won't be an espresso bar, if you like to enjoy your macarons with a latte, but there will be coffee. Pichakron says she has been using beans from nearby Noble Coyote in all of her coffee-flavored desserts, and plans to serve to local beans to customers who drop in, too.

Haute Sweets Patisserie is taking over the space previously leased to Cake Ball Company. Haute Sweets Patisserie, 10230 East Northwest Highway,

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