Hell on Wheels: What's Your Worst Valet Story?

We know it's not the end of the world if we have to valet. It's not as if the attendant's going to go apeshit and take our car for a joyride. Things like that only happen in '80s comedies starring Matthew Broderick, right?

The truth is that plenty of valet attendants are shitty drivers, but not as shitty as one we encountered last week after dining at Sfuzzi in Uptown. After eating at a restaurant on McKinney Avenue, we waited outside for the valet to bring our car, which was parked across the intersection of McKinney and Routh. We had a clear view of the car and the attendant, and here's what went down next: Attendant walked across Routh, got in the car, the traffic light turned red, so naturally the attendant barreled through the red light. The light had been red for almost five seconds before he pulled out. Luckily, people driving on McKinney were slow as hell, so no one hit our car.

When the attendant got out, we confronted him about his illegal maneuver, to which he replied, "Um yeah, sorry about that." Yeah, well we're sorry that the state of Texas permitted you to drive in the first place. We placed a call to RP Valet, whose spokesman was very polite and conciliatory, but didn't want to chat on the record. So, City of Aters, we want to hear your tales of valet parking nightmares. What have been your worst experiences with valet parking? Has a parking attendant pulled a similar stunt or caused damage to your car?

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