Hello, I Must Be Going
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Hello, I Must Be Going

Yeah, I love Groucho, the source of this week's headline. I've borrowed many of my standard lines from him (such as "if I were a man, you'd resent that"). But we have other things to discuss. Like the fact that I have decided to leave City of Ate and the Dallas Observer.

You know something, COA readers? We've covered a lot in a year plus.

My typical week involves two or three restaurant visits related to a review, a couple more for Short Orders, and whatever needs to be done for other blog posts. That's five or six nights dining out--which is why I rarely cook at home (lack of pots and pans is another reason). And it's a lot of fun.

I was used to the review part. Blogging, though, is a new thing. In dozens of brief posts over the course of a week, we get to inform, laugh, rant and--most of all--connect with each other.

It's a great feeling. That's why I'm sorry to be leaving it.

Before leaving Prague I had promised to spend a year in a top 10 market, re-learning the joys of top level cuisine (something the Czechs were short of) and learning the art of blogging. I've exceeded that, loitering here for many months more. It's just hard to shake.

But, I have opportunities to pursue in the Old World--the life of a shabby expat, you know.

Thank you all for reading. Thanks for all the communication and the comments.Thanks to the COA writers, who turned a blank space into a must read for many area residents. I've enjoyed it all and will miss it and you.

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