Help the NTFB Win an Easy $10K By Voting for Local Volunteer Michael Snider

Michael Snider's motivation to help is really a simple story. When Hurricane Katrina barreled over Louisiana and squeezed more rain out of the whirlpool of clouds than the land knew what to do with, Snider wanted to help. He wasn't picky about how, but he had to do something.

"I just looked on the Internet for volunteer opportunities in the area," said Snider, a lifelong Dallasite. "I'm retired now, so I had the time to do it. I came down to the North Texas Food Bank on a Saturday and starting working that Monday. I haven't left since."

While Hurricane Katrina was the spur, the sustaining need he witnessed kept him coming back. Through the years, Snider has learned a lot about what hunger insecurity in his own community looks like.

"Working at the NTFB and food shelters is really a study in sociology. A lot of people might think there's a certain stereotype of people who worry about where their next meal will come from," Snider says, "but, there are business professionals who have lost their job and are just down-and-out on their luck. It's a constant education, and I'm constantly learning here. It's not just any one economic group. It's the entire area."

Recently Snider was selected to represent the NTFB for Beaulieu Vineyard's Give & Give Back promotion that recognizes hometown heroes. Now it's really simple for all of us: Vote for Snider and the NTFB could receive $10,000 donation.

So, what does a $10,000 donation mean to the NTFB? Well, that's simple too:

• The NTFB is more than $1 million behind its annual donations goal this year. • The NTFB provides 130,000 meals a day -- and that's still not enough. • Every dollar at the NTFB provides three nutritious meals. • The NTFB is the central hub for more than 340 shelters, soup kitchens and after school programs in North Texas. One of which is surely in your neighborhood.

"We provide boxes of food for families and the elderly too that can't quiet make it from week to week," Snider says. "Another thing to keep in mind is the buying power of the NTFB. They bypass the retailers and buy direct. That means their dollar goes so much farther than ours."

With the $10,000 award from Beaulieu Vineyard, all we need to do is vote for Snider. It's pretty simple. Today for us anyway, it's pretty simple.

If you want to volunteer for the NTFB, they often need help filling bags and boxes in their massive warehouse.

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