Here are Dallas Bars That Won't Kill Your Bank Account For New Year's Eve (Updated)

Update: I told you I'd find more bars that wont kill your finances.

If you really want to throw down on New Year's Eve, The Loon is offering up their deadly-strong drinks with no cover in Uptown. While over on the East Side of Dallas Ships Lounge is ringing in the New Year with free champagne.

Every location of The Londoner will be serving up my favorite fish and chips, and pints of beer, without dinging you at the door. They're also hosting DJ's and giving away Champagne at midnight. Maybe this is your chance to check out the new spot that recently opened on Greenville Avenue.

The Free Man in Deep Ellum is cover charge free. Same with Vickery Park, The Old Monk, and Lee Harvey's.

Really a lot of the more casual bars I've called are shunning large cover charge, drink-all-you-can events in the hopes that more customers will come hang out for the big night. The only reason to get shafted this New Year's Eve is if you're into that sort of thing.

Bottle service anyone?

Here's the original post

Last year I made my stance very clear. I'm not a big fan of going out to bars for New Year's Eve. It's just too much for me, and I always feel like you get a lot less for your money, which is exactly the opposite of what I desire for special, festive occasions.

Still, staying home while everyone else is out having fun feels a little stodgy. This year I saw a sign at the Libertine Bar offering "No Cover For New Year's" and thought, surely there are more bars that don't feel the need to turn the screws on every customer that walks through their door on the last day of the year.

It turns out there's a few. This list isn't exhaustive, but for those of you who like to plan ahead it's a decent start. I'll update it again in a few days with some more suggestions.Windmill Lounge "No cover No hassle," Louise told me at the Windmill Lounge. "We ring in the new year every a hour on the hour with a free Champagne toast." In addition they set up a free buffet with black eyed peas and other traditional dishes.

Lakewood Landing Brandy the bartender says "it's business as usual at the Lakewood landing."

Strangeways According to thier Facebook page you can join Strangeways this New Years Eve and avoid all the door costs and party hoppin'. They'll be serving up free bubbles at every table with DJ JT Donaldson spining funk, soul, disco, house and hip-hop classics.

Ten Bells Tavern Even though DJ Charlie Park will be playing tunes through the evening there's no cover here, either. Sounds like a good excuse to try their new Reuben.

The Meddlesome Moth, Park Tavern and Cook Hall are all doing fixed price menus, but if you don't want to participate, you can sit at the bar all night without paying a cover.

And then of course the Libertine is ready to receive East Dallasites, who are feeling thirsty on New Year's Eve.

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