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Here Are Four Food Pioneers Who Just Might Inspire You

Gloomy weather got you down? Need a heart-warming pick-me-up? Check out this video produced by the Natural Resource Defense Council. It highlights the four recent recipients of this year's Growing Green Awards -- an annual celebration of some pretty special food people.

One of them you'll know for sure, or at least you'll recognize his product. Larry Jacobs is responsible for those pretty plastic packages of herbs you buy at Whole Foods. His business innovations are changing how we look at toxic-free organic agriculture.

The others are just as cool.

Tezozomoc has been empowering marginalized communities with sustainable food equity and access projects. He has a massive farm that employs challenged citizens and provides them with fresh produce. And Russ Kremer has been tackling antibiotics and how they're commonly abused in livestock farming.

Brianna Almaguer Sandoval may be my favorite. You know all those corner stores in sketchy neighborhoods that sell fried food and candy bars -- the only source of food in many neighborhoods? Imagine 680 of them that offer fresh fruit, vegetables, other ingredients and healthy snacks. She's done just that in Philadelphia.

She's only 30 and she's driving a community based blueprint to foster healthy eating habits and solve America's critical food gap. Imagine what someone like that could accomplish here in South Dallas.

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