Here's the Trailer for Central Texas Barbecue, a New Doc That Has Us Salivating

If Aaron Franklin's cameo in Chef has you itching to see blackened brisket on the big screen, a new film by a pair of South Australian film makers might have you drooling soon.

Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker are the duo behind Urtext Films, and they make short movies that capture portraits of people, among other things. Pablo's Villa features an 83-year-old man who's been waiting half his life for a town that was destroyed by a flood to be rebuilt. He's just living there all alone, waiting for something that's never going to happen. It's haunting.

If Salleh and Tucker accomplish anything half as moving with their latest short, Central Texas Barbecue, I think a lot of Texans are going to be salivating. Wayne Mueller, Roy "Mutton Chops" Perez, Brian Kruez, Kent Black and others are all featured in short video portraits in the trailer. To hear them all back to back, talking about their life's quest to produce the black gold that we drive hours and wait in line for, should be pretty inspirational.

The film was first screened in Sydney this month, and Tucker says it will be bouncing around the film festival circuit for a few months after that. Central Texas Barbecue won't be officially released until 2015, which makes this whole post a pretty big tease. Still, she says a number of screenings in Texas are planned, so check out the trailer for a little barbecue road trip inspiration until then.

Central Texas Barbecue (Trailer) from Urtext Films on Vimeo.

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