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Hey, Bees Producing Blue Honey: Here Are 5 Other Places You Should Steal Sugar From

Some bees in France are producing blue honey, and the bee people have traced the source of the Smurfness to a nearby biogas plant that processes waste from an M&M factory. The bees are producing blue and green honey because they're picking up the bright-colored, sugary waste.

I believe it's called the "Toddlers Downing An Entire Blue Birthday Cake" Syndrome. Symptoms include bouncing off of walls followed by crankiness, and technicolor poops. And in this case, some Blue Man Group honey.

My favorite part of the Time magazine NewsFeed article is that you get to read the words "M&M-tainted."

While Alain Frieh, president of the apiculturists' union, says, "For me, it's not honey ... It's not sellable, " we completely disagree. In fact, we'd like to suggest some other places that bees should steal sugar from, so that their honey is flavor-blasted.

1) Doritos Honey

2) Honey Boo Boo Honey

3) Beer Honey

4) PBS Honey

5) Aaron Franklin Honey

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