Hey, City of Ate Fans, Want to Be One of Us?

So, you like to eat out a lot, eh? Got a signed Rachael Ray poster in your living room, do you? You say your cooking skills involve more than a microwave and HotPockets? You're the sort who spends your weekend hours sniffing produce at Central Market?

Are you -- God, we hate the word -- a foodie?

If you're all that, and you can write and are not certifiably, medically insane or a resident of a Texas penal institution, then you might be just what we're looking for. (Even then, some exception might apply. Who are we kidding, right?)

City of Ate needs bloggers who know Dallas, love to eat and drink and can share that love with our readers. (It also helps to have a really thick skin.)

So come on, you City of Ate commenters, regular readers and Dallas...ugh...foodies. Send an e-mail with your qualifications, contact information and samples of your writing to this address.

Follow City of Ate on Twitter: @cityofate.

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