Hey, Stephan Pyles: Eat This!

Behold, Samar's caramelized apple empanadas with cinnamon ice cream. Yeah, the dessert is super pretty and yeah, it's shockingly small. If we're just talking about looks here, this is the Salma Hayek of desserts. But, hey, you're the kind of person who orders dessert at lunchtime, so that's probably in your best interest anyway.

The warm, two-bite empanada (one bite if you're Jenna Jameson) paired perfectly with the delicate cinnamon ice cream and the crushed pistachios added a nice crunch. It was your grandma's apple crisp on crack.

Bonus: Stephan Pyles sighting!!!

Halfway through our meal, The Mr. Chef Stephan Pyles showed up for lunch. We knew it was him because when he entered the room, a spotlight turned on, a buncha pyrotechnics went off and a choir of angels started singing "Foxy." Waiters started sweating. Women asked for autographs. Real Stephan Pyles gave them autographs. Then he ordered some naan. It was epic.

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