Hey UTA! Here's Your Guide to Cheap Grub in Arlington

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Shipley's (501 E. Abram) Everything you'll ever need to know about nursing a hangover can be found for about $3 at Shipley's Donuts, which is just north of campus. And the drive thru is so very handy. If they're not sold out of the apple fritters, buy five. Thank me later.

Beirut Café (1201 S. Cooper) Aesthetics might not be a high point at this slightly beaten-down restaurant that hugs Cooper just south of campus, but don't let that cloud your judgment. You must go here, and you must have the lentil soup. You're like, "What? Lentil soup? C'mon!" Trust me on this one; something magical is happening in this light green elixir. Unicorn tears? Perhaps. Once I sneaked a peek in the kitchen to see if there really was a unicorn, and all I caught a glimpse of was a full black burka cooking up a storm. Take a boatload of breath mints and start with the soup, and then anything else that grabs your attention on them menu, because it's all great.

Bethany: Boba Tea House (705 W. Park Row) This is both a tea house and restaurant, but the big draw is the boba tea, which is also sometimes called bubble tea, pearl tea or milk tea. Or, how about boba milk tea with tapioca pearls? The menu has more options than a Scantron. The owners are really nice and they update the menu often, keeping things fresh. This spot gets crowded at lunch and on the evenings, but the boba milk bubble pearl tea-thingies are worth it.

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